Create and publish your first website for free

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Create and publish your first website for free

In this tutorial, you will find out how easy it is to create and publish your first website for free using our website builder.

Start the website builder

To start our website builder for the 1st time, simply click on the blue "Create my site" button in the center of our home page, or simply go to the following address:

Create your website

Once the builder is loaded, choose a model that best represents your business. There is 200+ templates available for free, and you can change the template used at any time. Each model is fully customizable.

In this example, in the “Company” category, we have chosen the “B1 Global business solutions” model. Please note that for each model, an interactive online guide is available on our page Tutorials.

Click "Select" once you have decided which template to use.
The builder will load the selected template, and now you can edit your website.

The one page view allows you to edit and modify the components of your website.

Main characteristics of the manufacturer

The main menus are as follows:
always available at the top
the navigation drop-down menu, where you can choose the page you want to work on, or add / modify existing menu items (pages, links, anchors)

the new / reset menu, where you can either reset the template used or import an existing website using its address

the publish menu, where you can either publish your website when it's ready, save it by downloading a copy to your computer, or import a previous saved website

always available on the left
add one of the following components to the current page:

configure the following settings for the current site:

Change the logo of the template

For example, before we publish our website, we will modify the logo on the template.

Just click on the existing logo

Then on the pencil icon, and select the option "Change Picture"

Click on the "Template Gallery" tab at the top.

Click on "Upload New Picture" and choose a new logo available on your computer.

Once the new logo has been uploaded, select it and click on the “Select” button.

The new logo is inserted on the page and you can now resize it to align with the template header.

Publish your website

Now that we've selected a template, personalized their logo, it's time to publish our website for the first time.

Click the “Publish” button at the top and select the “Publish” submenu.

You must register to make your website accessible to the public.
Enter a valid email address, your name (which will be used to create your unique address and a complex password.
Click on the "Register" button.

Your address is being created and your files published, it may take a little time the first time.

Once you've published, your website is ready and accessible to everyone.
Click on its address to see it.


Once the registration process is complete, you will receive by email all the details to access your account and modify your website at any time, free of charge.

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